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Benefits of Finance knowledge

Our company Alpha edTech Academy is proud to be ISO certified, ensuring our commitment to quality education and customer satisfaction.
100% job guarantee for Alpha edTech Academy's students, ensuring career success in stock market and trading
Alpha edTech Academy's experienced trading mentors, providing personalized instruction and support for mastering stock market and trading
Live trading account at Alpha edTech Academy, a unique opportunity to learn and practice stock market trading in real-time
Lifetime access to Alpha edTech Academy's trading course, ensuring that you have all the resources you need to master stock market and trading
Lifetime access to Alpha edTech Academy's trading course, ensuring that you have all the resources you need to master stock market and trading
Alpha Tech Academy's professional Tutor providing expert trading education including Forex, Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Options and Future, Commodities

Meet your mentor Sachin

Sachin Rao is an experienced stock market trader with a passion for sharing his knowledge and skills. He has a deep understanding of various trading techniques including Forex, technical analysis, and fundamental analysis.He offers engaging and informative online courses covering various trading techniques, including options, futures, and commodities.

What we’ll provide you in our stock market trading course

  • 1

    Future and options

    Unlock your full trading potential with the flexibility and power of F&O, the ultimate financial instruments for taking your investments strategy to the next level.

  • 2

    Forex trading

    Experience the power of global currencies with forex trading, where every investment decision can lead to lucrative opportunities.

  • 3

    Fundamental Analysis

    Fundamental analysis is a method of evaluating the intrinsic value of an asset, by analyzing its underlying economic, financial, and industry factors.

  • 4

    Technical Analysis

    Fundamental analysis is a method of evaluating the intrinsic value of an asset, by analyzing its underlying economic, financial, and industry factors.

  • 5

    Swing Trading

    It’s a trading strategy that involves holding positions for a few days or weeks to profit from short term price movements.

  • 6

    Algo trading

    Experience the benefits of automated trading strategies with algo trading,enabling you to make informed decisions and maximize returns on your investments.

Who Should Attend The Stock Market Training Course

This course is for anyone passionate about the stock market and especially fit for those seeking to improve their financial income for their future.


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Key Takeaways

Here are the main topics that will be covered in the stock market training course. They cover all the basics of Stock Market and even some advanced techniques that will help you along the way


Trading is a quick moving, volatile and fast execution of trade with in a day.


Investing is a Long term plannig and analyzing in order to get good return.

Money Management

Executing technique and strategies to limit risk while increasing the reward.

Risk Management

Every battle is won before it is fought.So we need planning before trading.

Trade psychology

Controlling emotions is an art and we will make you artist of psychology .

Stock Selection

After learning Technical and Fundamental Analysis you will easily pick stock and bags profit.


Golden Strategy Course

₹ 9999

  • Candle Stick Pattern
  • Price Action
  • Risk Management
  • One Month
  • NSE, NISM Certificate
  • Practice Account
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Advanced Diploma in Equity Market

₹ 99,000

  • carrer oriented course
  • Practice Account
  • Risk Management
  • Price Action Advanced
  • Technical indicators
  • NSE, NISM Certificate
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Advance Forex Course

₹ 250,000

  • Practice Account
  • Carrer oriented course
  • Forex Arbitrage
  • Currency pairs in forex
  • Life Time Access
  • NSE, NISM Certificate
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Check out our attendees testimonials from previous editions of the Stock Market Training

Forex and Stock Market success story from a student at Alpha Tech Academy - See how our trading course led to real results
I took the stock market course on Alpha Edtech, and I want to say that it’s the best affordable, interactive trading education to kick-start a career in the stock market. After this course, I learned a lot about trade-in equity, commodities, futures & options as well as the Forex market
Siddhi Jain - CA
Proof of success in the Stock Market from a student at Alpha Tech Academy - A testimonial on the impact of our trading course
"Alpha Edtech" will teach you stock market terminology, how the stock market works, and what trading strategies you can use. They taught me 15 strategies. Every strategy has more than 80% accuracy. All credit goes to Mr. Sachin Rao.
Ajay Yadav - COP
See how our Stock Market trading course at Alpha Tech Academy helped this student achieve financial success
I am a student at Alpha Edtech and I have to say that this is the best stock market trading institute in the country. The teachers are all experts in their field and they know how to teach you everything you need to know about trading stocks.
Shekhar Jhoshi - BCA Student
I like the concept of "Alpha Edtech." They will teach you every aspect of the stock market. They will share their personal strategies and let you trade with their own capital.
Ayushi Oberoi - business Women

Frequently Asked Questions

The mentorship program is designed in a way that teaches you from the very basics to advanced levels in a very simple and clear manner that even a child can understand with little or no previous financial experience. In order to avoid feeling left out.

You must be 18 years old or above to join.

You will receive your certificate of completion once you submit all the assignments,40 equity trades, and pass the examination with a minimum of 75% marks.

Yes, it is risky for those who trade without any proper training and knowledge.

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